Instructor COMM 292: Management and Organizational Behaviour


Instructor rating: 4/6/5

Feedback from students:

  • "Barnini always encouraged class discussion and allowed a lot of students to contribute. Adapted the course to suit the students' needs. Dedicated lectures to activities/guest speakers which kept the class interesting and engaging. Consistently showed interest in students (through meetings and addressing our issues). Interactions with students after class for clarification were very useful and your overall perspective on the business world was interesting."

  • "I definitely learned a lot throughout the course, I liked it because it showed us real–life applications of the concepts that we learned. I really enjoyed the class dynamics, the class was very interesting and the way Barnini taught the class made me more interested in the concepts we were learning."

  • "I think a very open discussion type of class was really helpful, as everyone felt like they could share their opinion without judgement and that it was valued. The instructor was also very kind and open, which was really nice. I liked that she was so flexible and really understanding of all the students, which made me get excited about going to class and learning. I liked the inclusion of research done by others in the world and how it applies to the larger scheme of the business world."