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Vancouver, Canada

In my research, I examine how organizations can support their rapidly diversifying workforce and shed light on barriers to inclusion and success for employees with marginalized identities to provide insight on topics of social justice and equity at work. I adopt a multiple identities lens to study these issues, and have three primary streams of research: the first focuses on multiple marginalized identities, and examines visibility and invisibility for women of color at work, as well as allyship relationships in the workplace. The second focuses on identity management challenges of stigmatized individuals at work. The third looks at gender-based mistreatment at work.

In my dissertation, I examine workplace allyship relationships through the experiences of women of color at work. Drawing on inductive qualitative interviews with dyads of women of color and their nominated workplace allies, I examine allyship from a relational perspective to uncover what constitutes a “good ally” and ways in which allies are effective in promoting positive visibility for women of color.

I care about equity and inclusion outside of my research as well, which is reflected in my teaching and my service. I co-founded Sauder Women’s Scholars (SWS) at Sauder in 2017 and managed it through 2021. SWS was the first community and peer support group for female graduate students at Sauder and was founded to provide structural support for female graduate students through meetings and mentoring sessions with successful women leaders across different disciplines. I also integrate topics on equity, diversity, and inclusion in the classroom to effectively address students’ unique learning perspectives as well as cultural/ethnic backgrounds